I put the "fun" in functional.

Summer is here! 

Oh alright, I know it's already August and I'm about two month's late to the party. That sounds about right for me. Part of embracing motherhood lately has meant being okay with being a little late.

So, have you done anything fun this summer? I use the word "fun" loosely here as you'll recall that these days, I'm setting expectations low for myself. We're having our "fun" in 45 minute increments: trips to parks in new subdivisions, adventures to Costco (for toilet paper AND water balloons), scavenging for weeds in the backyard, etc.. I mean, if anyone can put the "fun" in functional, it's a mom!

We've hit the zoo and some splash parks and I even got all three kids to a dolphin show AND on the carousel. By. My. Self. They eat popsicles daily (allergy friendly of course because #allergykids which is another post for another day) and are mostly naked when at home. Sounds like the quintessential summer vacation to me. The kids are having a GREAT summer, they just don't really know it. Which means I'm doing it right. 

Earlier in the summer, I signed the boys up for some park district t-ball and soccer. That was a huge mistake. They loooved running around a giant open field kicking and throwing things, but not in the "organized" fashion required by organized sports. I spent each class running after the other sibling, keeping them out of trouble and from interrupting each other's class, all while wearing 6-month-old baby girl. Side note to the park district people: siblings should automatically be allowed to be in the other sibling's class. We're talking about PARK DISTRICT level sports here! I will pay extra to not have to sit/run through two classes! End rant.

I had good intentions and wanted the boys to try out some new sports. Watching them try to throw a ball with a mini baseball mitt was pretty hilarious. I should have just let them figure it out on their own. They like the programs enough but I'm totally exhausted and frazzled after each class. I pray for rain every Wednesday, I'm that mom. So I think we're done with organized sports until at least first grade. Maybe there's a preschool chess league they can join? Ice skating starts back up soon. At least the temperature in the rink is more my speed. 

We took a road trip in late June to visit our cousins on the East Coast, which was surprisingly fun! We stopped at Cedar Point in Ohio on the way in order to break up the trip. The kids had fun and, for the most part, I didn't want to kill my husband or anyone in my vicinity. The packing and prep was a bit intense (more on road tripping another time) but it was a pleasant trip that, I dare say, I'd do again.

What have you been doing for fun this summer? Let me know if you're up for a playdate at Costco sometime.