This is how simplifying and outsourcing save my sanity

Simplify. That seems to be my new mantra. Simplify. Routines, clutter, meals, schedules. Simplify.  

It seems to be working. Or helping, anyway. Because, shockingly, the addition of a third child hasn't made as insane an impact on our lives as I thought it would be. My husband would probably beg to differ. And I'm NOT saying it's been easy. But, really, other than some logistical issues (where did we put that baby? which kid is crying? did we feed this one today?) it's sort of been business-as-usual. On significantly less sleep.

So is having more kids easy? Definitely not. It's just that I think that the more kids you have, the less fox you give about things you used to care about and, in hindsight, it was never that important to begin with. Having just said this out loud, I've most definitely jinxed myself, right? 

But think about it. Not dressed for school? Pajamas it is. Don't want to wear a coat outside? Enjoy that brisk breeze, baby. Dinner is "gross?" Don't eat it.

"Zero. Fox. Given." It's a mantra that's been a sort of life preserver these past few weeks. 

Don't get me wrong, it's not a complete free-for-all at my house, I am a type-A personality after all and could never relinquish that much control. But now, I choose to fight fewer battles and let the natural consequences of my kids' actions play out. It's a miracle how quickly they are begging for jackets or slurping down meals when I let them make their own decisions, as if they were in control. Bwaa ha haa. It's me who wins!

I'm also simplifying life with a secret super mom trick: outsourcing. I'm calling grandma to help with bedtime when daddy's not home; I'm asking the neighbor to pick up something for me while she's at Target today (thank you great neighbor!); I'm having the babysitter fold a little laundry while the kids are asleep, etc.. More hours at school, lots of babysitters, drop-off-day care at the mall, you name it, I'm paying for it.

How do you think successful CEOs are running their businesses? They hire others to help them with tasks that unnecessarily tie up their time or stress them out. Why are we as moms working harder? We need to work smarter. 

Life with three kiddos has become exponentially louder and stickier but it's not that much harder. I am a pretty awesome person, this is true, but I promise, I'm not doing anything at home that anyone else can't do. I'm just throwing myself a life preserver more often these days. I'm stressing a little less about the little things and utilizing my time and limited energy better. I still have days when I feel like I'm drowning but, it feels a bit more manageable. Anyway, it's nothing a case of wine can't handle.

What are you doing to simplify your life? As a parent? Or maybe at work? Throw yourself a life preserver, friend.