Events, workshops & Experiences
to help moms reconnect with
who they are as women

Being a mom is rewarding. And draining.

Between responsibilities at home, at work, church, maybe even school or volunteering,
 there aren't a whole helluva lot of opportunities for Calgon to take you away. 

but what does that even mean?

One day your children will no longer need you like they do now.
And when that day comes, you do not want to look into the mirror and not recognize the woman staring back at you.
Renewing Mom can help.

We create events, workshops and experiences to help moms reconnect with who they are as women.

Events, workshops and experiences for moms.

Self Care 101

How do you take care of yourself when your job is to take care of everyone else? What the hell is self-care, even? Is it strolling the aisles of Target alone? Getting your nails done? It can be, but it’s also a whole lot more. Discover the way you need to be taken care of, mama.

Women laughing and reconnecting.

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There’s always room at our lunch table for you. You can laugh with us, cry with us, goal-set with us, and renew your spirit with us. Renewing Mom offers live events, virtual events, workshops and an online community to help you become the woman that you want to be.

Events, workshops, and experiences to help moms reconnect with who they are as women.

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Before finding Renewing Mom I felt alone and disconnected.
Renewing Mom has given me the opportunity to meet awesome women and experience a sense of community that has been missing from my life for years.
— Katie
Your email turned my day around.
— Amber
I highly suggest attending one of Renewing Moms events or workshops if you can. Renatas vision is truly inspiring and really gets you thinking and motivated about this chapter in life. She has a way of drawing in women who can all relate and use a few hours of self reflection. Looking forward to future events.
— Jessica V.
This Vision Board Workshop helped me to focus on everything I had put aside for my family. It gave me the quiet space to think and talk with like-minded women about where I saw my future. About what I wanted to do for ME. After I left the Vision Board Workshop, I called my husband and said, “I’m doing it. I’m doing it, like, right NOW.” I had been putting off building my website and business for so long, but the moment I got home from the Vision Board Workshop, I bought my domain, set up my social media pages, hired a graphic designer for a logo, and began gathering my content.
This was the day Families on the Fox was born.
— Chrissy Somers, Families on the Fox
The Accountability Group was the most valuable groups I have ever joined. Renata had an amazing way of knowing exactly what I needed to hear each day whether it was a motivating post or a gentle nudge towards our goals, or a serious “kick in the pants.” I have no doubt that this has been my most successful year yet thanks in part to the group she led. I will definitely be joining her next group and can’t wait to see what other services she offers next!
— Carrie K.


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