Envision it so you can achieve it.


Tell me about your perfect day, mama.

And I don’t mean the day where you run away to a remote island in the tropics with your significant other or best friend, miles from laundry, tantrums, meal planning, carpool and basically all of your responsibilities as a mom.

I’m talking about a random Tuesday next week. A Tuesday that goes really, really well for you from the moment you open your eyes (early so you can get in a work out or perhaps enjoy a cup of coffee and that new book, alone for a few minutes before the kids are crawling all over you with demands) to the moment you close them again, feeling accomplished and ready to completely relax. A day that leaves you feeling like, “I really killed it today.”

Do you know what that day looks like for you? Do you know the areas of your life that you feel overwhelmed? Where you want more control? More confidence?

At our Vision Board Workshop, we’ll identify exactly what your ideal day, your ideal life, looks like and create a vision board that inspires and motivates you to take action to actually live it. 

Together, in a group of moms like you, we'll begin to identify the passions and interests that you've buried away because you've been focusing on your family. We'll explore all of the things that set your soul on fire, made your heart sing and your eyes smile before.

Additional Workshops Being Added Soon!