Overwhelm is a choice. So choose something different.


Your list of goals is a mile long: Get organized, declutter, get a promotion at work, get back to the gym, eat clean, spend more time with your spouse, get control of your finances, get control of your children, quit your job, get a job, change your job... the list just keeps growing. 

Where do you begin? What's the first step? It's all pretty overwhelming, isn't it? It doesn't have to be that way. You just need the right strategy to get started. A shift in mindset to clear the clutter and take action. A plan.

Self-care isn't a destination, it's a journey, and we're going to help you get on your way.. 

In our Focus Workshop, we will create an action plan to achieve some of your most important goals. First, we'll create a set of specific and measurable goals that are relevant to your life and attainable in a defined time period. Then, we'll develop a set of systems and strategies for implementing them in your life. Finally, we'll hold each other accountable to ensure that you're taking action on those strategies.  

Your experience will include a beautiful and inspiring environment, a healthy breakfast and snacks, all workshop materials, access to a six-week online accountability group and more! 

Additional Workshops Being Added Soon!